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Karl Fischer Reagents

GFS Chemicals manufactures the Watermark® Karl Fischer product line. 我们有一个最大的选择卡尔费舍尔试剂在行业, and the technical expertise to meet your project's needs. 从体积和库仑卡尔费希尔试剂认证的水标准, we have the products you need in stock and ready to ship. GFS Chemicals also offers both pyridine and pyridine-free solutions. 我们的水印卡尔费希尔库伦试剂的水容量超过1000毫克/毫升.

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Karl Fischer Product Categories

体积滴定法通常用于100 ppm至100%含水量范围内的样品, although sample analysis down 10 ppm water is possible. 单组分卡尔菲舍尔试剂是最受欢迎的,因为它们是最便宜的, and don't always require a special solvent. In one-component Karl Fischer Titration, 已知浓度的滴定剂在容器溶剂中与样品反应, ultimately consuming the water in the sample.

滴定剂含有KF反应所需的所有成分:碘, base, sulfur dioxide, and a solvent medium. 容器溶剂的选择要符合样品的溶解特性. 通过测量加入滴定剂的体积,可以计算出样品中的水量. The Watermark product line includes reagents with titer values of 5 mg/mL, 2 mg/mL, and 1 mg/mL, covering an array of applications.

With a methanol-free and pyridine-free formula, Watermark volumetric titrants are suitable for all KF titration samples, even those with aldehydes or ketones.

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One-Component System if your lab is on a budget, or performs frequent KF titrations. All reactants are in the titrant bottle, 我们的水印非吸湿滴定剂的设计非常稳定,保证两年的保质期.

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Two-Component System 如果您需要更高的准确度,更快的滴定,或需要标准化频率更低. The lowest strength available is 0.5毫克/毫升,是专为最少的样品,或非常低的水含量的应用.

库仑滴定法通常选用含水量小于1%的方法, although samples with water content up to 5% are possible. Anolyte and catholyte choices are based on the sample matrix, which in turn influences generator choice.

水印试剂为卡尔费歇尔滴定提供了最佳的价值和性能. With extended shelf life, rapid moisture determinations, and a stable end-point, it is evident that Watermark outperforms the competition. Watermark, by GFS Chemicals, is specially formulated to provide the ultimate in analytical performance.


卡尔费歇尔滴定剂的标准化是必要的,以确定其水当量. GFS Chemicals manufactures a broad range of reference materials, including primary standards in our Columbus, Ohio facilities.

Water standards 每盒10个一次性安瓿,并有5年的保质期. 水印水标准不含甲醇,可用于所有应用. All standards come with a Certificate of Analysis (COfA), are scrupulously tested in our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited management system, and are NIST traceable.

Solid standards, including sodium tartrate and potassium citrate, are also available.

The Karl Fischer reaction is pH dependent. 大多数的水印滴定剂和溶剂被缓冲,以抵消样品,引起小的pH值变化. If the sample causes the pH to change outside the required 5 to 7.5 range, side reactions and slow kinetics are likely to occur.

To counter the effects of samples with extremely high or low pH values, add a buffering material to adjust the pH back to the optimal pH range.

GFS化学专业生产无水高氯酸镁,它是空气和气体的优良干燥剂. KF titration systems require protection from atmospheric moisture. We offer many options including molecular sieves, indicating silica beads, drierite and calcium-based desiccants.


BrandItem #DescriptionGFS ItemLink
Quveon81014Water Standard 1.0 in MeOH9425 
AquamicronGMW20Standard Water/Methanol9425 
AquamicronAWS02VWater Standard 0.25692 
Hydranal20618Working Medium K5322
AqualineAL2300Matrix K5322
Hydra-Point6275-68KF Solvent Methanol Free5322
AquamicronKTXSolvent KTX5322
Quveon43503Solvent KT5322
Hydranal34868Coulomat Oil5202
Quveon17145Coulometric AGR-OIL5202
Hydranal34741Methanol, Dry3569
Hydra-Point6290-68Methanol Anhydrous3569
AqualineAL2110Solvent CM2991
Hydranal37855Solvent CM2991
Aquastar188016Solvent Oil2991
Quveon26541Solvent CX2991
Hydranal37856LipoSolver MH2978
Aquastar188016Solvent for Oils and Fats2978
AquamicronOLXSolvent OLX2978
Quveon26541Solvent CX2978
Hydranal34697Solver (Crude Oil)2978
Aquastar188020CombiSolvent Oils2978
AquamicronOL2Solvent OLII2978
Hydranal34963Potassium Citrate Standard2385
AqualineK2760Potassium Citrate Standard2385
AquamicronSWSSolid Water Standard2385
Hydranal34841Coulomat CG-K2321
Aquastar1697C-1Coulomat C2321
Hydra-Point6286-00Karl Fischer Coulometric Generator Solution (Universal Type)2321
AquamicronCXUAquamicron CXU2321
Hydranal34813Water Standard 52304
Hydranal34849Water Standard 102303
Aquastar188052Water Standard 1.0%2303
AquamicronAWS100VWater Standard 102303
Quveon81037Water Standard 10.02303
Hydranal34828Water Standard 1.02302
Aquastar188051Water Standard 0.1%2302
AquamicronAWS10VWater Standard 1.02302
Quveon81024Water Standard 1.02302
Hydranal34847Water Standard 0.12301
Aquastar188050Water Standard 0.01%2301
AquamicronAWS01VWater Standard 0.12301
Quveon81014Water Standard 0.12301
Hydranal34816Composite 5K1893
Aquastar188006CombiTitrant 5K1893
AqualineAL-2720-80Water Standard 101892
Hydra-Point6287-02KF Coulometric Oven Reagent1889
Quveon18411Coulometric AGR-Oven1889
Hydranal37817Methanol Rapid1885
Quveon24275Methanol Sharp1885
AqualineAL1900Complete 11884
Hydranal34827Composite 11884
Aquastar188001CombiTitrant 11884
Quveon23367Composit 1T1884
Hydranal34836Coulomat AG1671
Hydranal34810Coulomat AD1671
Aquastar109255CombiCoulomat Frit1671
Aquastar109257CombiCoulomat Fritless1671
AqualineAL2520500Electrolyte AG1671
Hydra-Point6280-02Karl Fischer Coulometric Vessel Solution (Pyridine-Free)1671
Quveon11008Coulometric AGR1671
AquamicronGMLSolvent ML1621
AquamicronGKS100MTitrant SS1620
Hydranal34820Coulomat AK1619
AquastarAX1697ECoulomat AK1619
Hydra-Point6283-01Coulometric Vessel Solution for Aldehydes and Ketones (Methanol-Free)1619
AqualineAL2710-40Water Standard 11618
Aquastar109259Water Std. 5 mg/mL1617
AquamicronGCHPGCHP Check Solution P1617
AqualineAL2730-500Water Standard 51617
Hydranal34801Titrant 51616
Aquastar188010Titrant 51616
Hydra-Point6274-02KF Titrant 5 mg/mL1616
Quveon22251Titrant 5T1616
AqualineAL22001Titrant 51616
Hydra-Point6282-02Buffer Solution1615
Quveon20756Buffer Acid1615
Hydranal34840Coulomat CG1613
Quveon13060Coulometric CGR1613
AqualineAL2560Electrolyte CG1613
Hydra-Point6281-00Karl Fischer Coulometric Generator Solution (Pyridine-Free)1613
Hydranal34807Coulomat A1612
AquastarAX1697ACoulomat A1612
Hydra-Point6280-02Karl Fischer Coulometric Vessel Solution (Pyridine-Free)1612
Quveon15572Coulometric AGR-C1612
AqualineAL2500Electrolyte A1612
AqualineAL2510Electrolyte AD1612
AquamicronGEXSolvent GEX1610
Aquastar188015CombiMethanol Solvent1610
Hydra-Point6276-68General Purpose Solvent1610
Hydranal34738Keto Solver1609
Aquastar188007CombiSolvent Keto1609
Hydra-Point6275-68KF Solvent Methanol Free1609
Hydranal34817Working Medium K1609
Hydra-Point6275-68KF Solvent Methanol Free1609
Quveon43503Solvent KT1609
Hydranal34843Coulomat AG-H1607
Hydra-Point6284-01Karl Fischer Coulometric Vessel Solution (CFC-Free)1607
AqualineK-2530Electrolyte AG-H1607
Hydranal34811Titrant 21603
Aquastar188011Titrant 21603
Quveon25299Titrant 2T1603
Hydra-Point6273-02KF Titrant 2 mg/mL1603
Hydranal34806Composite 21601
AqualineAL1950Complete 21601
Aquastar188002CombiTitrant 21601
Hydra-Point6272-68KF Reagent 2 mg/mL1601
AquamicronSSZ30LTitrant SS-Z 3 mg/ml1601
Quveon23336Composit 2T1601
Hydranal34805Composite 51600
Aquastar188005CombiTitrant 51600
AqualineAL2200Complete 51600
Hydra-Point6271-68KF Reagent 5 mg/ml1600
AquamicronSSZ50LTitrant SS-Z 5mg/ml1600
Quveon23268Composit 5T1600
Hydranal34788Humidity Absorber963
AquastarMX1583DMolecular sieve 3A963
Hydranal34803Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate805
Aquastar106664Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate 15.66%805
AqualineK2770Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate805
Hydranal32035Benzoic Acid673
AquastarBX0360Benzoic Acid673
AqualineAC423475000Benzoic Acid673